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Mobile GPS and Fall Detection units available!

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Vital Link offers multiple pricing options for your convenience. Your rates will never increase for as long as you have service with Vital Link. If you have questions or special requirements, please call our office at 1-800-752-5522.

NameProductsMonthly PlanQuarterly PlanAnnual PlanOrder Now
Traditional Landline Unit$28.95/month$83.85 for 3 months ($27.95/month)$323.40 for 1 year ($26.95/month)Order Now
In-Home Cellular Unit$34.95/month$104.85 for 3 months ($34.95/month)$419.40 for 1 year ($34.95/month)Order Now
Home & Yard Unit$39/month$114 for 3 months ($38/month)$444 for 1 year ($37/month)Order Now
Mobile GPS Unit$39.95/month +one-time $80 activation$110.85 for 3 months ($36.95/month) +one-time $80 activation$419.40 for 1 year ($34.95/month) +one-time $80 activationOrder Now
GPS/Landline Bundle$49.95/month +one-time $80 activation$140.85 for 3 months ($46.95/month) +one-time $80 activation$539.40 for 1 year ($44.95/month) +one-time $80 activationOrder Now

Fall Detecting Pendant

For use with our Traditional Landline or In-Home Cellular units.

$10/month (Does not include cost of unit — see above)

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Extra Medical Alert Button

Available as a pendant or bracelet.

$40 (one-time purchase)

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$38.50 (one-time purchase)

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