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What is a PERS System?

pers emergency response

As you age, falls can become increasingly dangerous. In fact, statistics have proven how deadly a simple fall can be to an older adult. However, falls are not the only danger to our elderly loved ones. Loss of independence, limited movements, and other factors that affect one’s quality of life can lead to a premature decline in health as well. That is where a PERS system or Pers Emergency Response comes in.

About the PERS System – Pers Emergency Response

A personal emergency response system, known as PERS, is a great way to help your aging loved one to feel safe and maintain their independence.

A typical PERS system has three components: a lightweight transmitter, telephone connection, and a link to an emergency response call center. Together, these pieces create a system that will alert emergency response units of an incident that requires immediate attention. While some advanced units have an automatic fall detector that notifies the emergency response call center immediately, others rely on the touch of a button. This means that, with a PERS, emergency response is only a button away.

What Vital Link Offers

At Vital Link, we understand how stressful it can be to have an aging loved one retain their independence. After all, we know keeping aging family members safe, protected and healthy can be hard without constant supervision. Because of this, Vital Link offers several different types of PERS systems that can help both you and your loved one stress a little less.

Our Vital Link PERS systems come in several different packages to suit every need and budget. Every system, however, allows for 24 hours a day, seven days a week contact with our EMT-certified emergency response center.

Our traditional landline connects a two-way console directly to your home phone. It comes with a 600-foot range, waterproof touch-button alert pendant that can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. We also offer an in-home cellular package as well that will connect to your cell phone instead of a landline.

Our Belle GPS unit provides your location to the emergency response center should your loved one be unable to respond verbally. With a 30-day charge, this device will also begin flashing to help emergency responders find your loved one. The Belle+ GPS includes fall detection as well. However, it needs charging every five days.

If you are interested in learning more about what Vital Link has to offer with the Pers Emergency Response, please contact us today.


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