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Panic Alarms

Panic alarms are useful for a wide variety of individuals. These include older adults, disabled persons, those recovering from hospitalization, those who are cognitively deficient or simply for people who live in unsafe neighborhoods. Easily and rapidly installed, these devices not only provide peace of mind, but can ensure that help will be sent if needed.

As our name suggests, our panic alarms provide a direct link to safety. For the past 25 years, our products and services have been helping protect individuals and families across the United States. In that time period, our company has grown into one of the leading independent providers of panic alarms in the country–and we are continuing to grow.

For a panic alarm to be useful it needs to be easy to use. Our Two Way Voice Unit has been designed to be both discreet yet extremely efficient. Equipped with its portable transmitter, it can be activated from a distance, even if you are located on a different floor, at the mailbox, or in the backyard. With the press of a single button a signal is sent directly to our 24-hour emergency center where our dispatchers can send the appropriate help.

In addition to our panic alarms, we also offer a number of other useful safety devices. One of these is our key lock box. Simply put a copy of your key in the secure box and provide us with the code. In case of emergency we will give the code to the proper authorities (EMS, fire department or family), allowing them to gain access to your home without having to damage your door.

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