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Belle GPS UnitSystem

The GPS device is a two-way mobile voice unit that uses a cellular network for location service. When activated, the device pinpoints the subscriber’s location using satellites. The operator is then able to communicate with the client over the speaker on the device and dispatch family, friends, or emergency personnel as specified. With GPS tracking, our monitoring center is able to pinpoint the clients’ location and send help quickly. Whether at home or at the grocery store, this mobile device allows clients to easily press a button and receive assistance on the go.


  • Mobile, at home and away from home, emergency response coverage
  • Direct voice contact with medically trained emergency response operators who will know who you are and where you are, even when you are away from home
  • We dispatch the closest available emergency responders to your location
  • Uses AT&T cellular voice and data network nationwide that works in over 97% of the inhabited areas of the United States
  • GPS satellite tracking technology
  • Online location mapping
  • No equipment to buy

The first and only complete medical alert system that works in the home and does not require a landline phone to give you mobile coverage anywhere you go.

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