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How Vital Link Works


Press your button.


Your Vital Link system is activated.


Our caring staff will alert a neighbor, family member, or ambulance, depending on your need.


We follow up to make sure that help has arrived.

By pressing the button on the neck or wrist pendant, a signal is sent to your medical alarm console which opens a toll-free two-way communication with our monitoring center. The friendly, caring staff at our monitoring center is medically trained and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The speaker on the system allows you to speak with our operators and advise us about what kind of assistance you need. If you are injured, ill, or in some type of emergency situation, simply tell the dispatcher what kind of help you need and who you would like us to call. We have all of your information on file and are able to call the responders that you have designated (friends, neighbors, or family members) or local emergency personnel. If you are unable to speak, as long as we get the signal from your pendant, we will dispatch emergency services as well as your designated responders. We then follow up to make sure that help has arrived.

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