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Medical Alert Service Question and Answers

GPS and wireless options are available, however, these questions refer only to the in-home landline units.

General Questions

What are some reasons I should consider a medical alarm?
With a medical alarm you can get help with just the push of a button. You are connected with certified emergency medical dispatchers who will be with you throughout the emergency. They can also provide lifesaving instruction and help someone provide CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, control bleeding, open an airway, or deliver a baby. They can notify your family, friends or neighbors on your Emergency Care Plan and are willing to assist you until help arrives. Medical alarms provide peace of mind for family members, friends, and the user; knowing that if an emergency does happen help is just a push of a button away.

How does your system work?
In the event that emergency help is needed, simply press your Vital Link Pendant or the HELP button on your console. The console automatically calls our Monitoring Center where your call for help is answered by an Emergency Medical Dispatcher. Our operators are trained to quickly assess the situation and contact emergency personnel as well as your family members, or other responders as designated on your Emergency Care Plan.

How do I sign up for Vital Link Service?
Signing up for service is quick and easy. You can order online or call us at 1-800-752-5522. Depending on where you (the client) lives, we will either schedule an installer to come by or we will ship the system to you.

How long will it take to receive my Vital Link system?
After you place your order online or call us we will send the system to you. All orders placed prior to 3PM Pacific Time will be shipped the same day. Once payment is confirmed your system will be received within 1 – 3 business days. Overnight service is available at your cost.

I’m local and you are installing the system for me. What does the installation entail?
We will set up a time for our installer to come to your residence. The installation takes about an hour. The installer will explain how the system works and set it up for you. The installer will also do test with you to introduce you to the monitoring center and the system itself. If you request it, the installer can also do a range test with you from different parts of the property. The installer will then assist you in filling out these three forms:
Vital Link Agreement
Monitoring Data Sheet
Vial Of Life
The monitoring data sheet is used as the emergency plan when the medical alert button is activated. The vial of life form is an emergency plan sheet designed to be used for paramedics should they enter your home in an emergency. Our Vital Link agreement is the monthly payment schedule you and Vital Link will draw up at the time of installation.

Once I order, when will I begin receiving service?
As soon as your Vital Link system is plugged in your service is activated and working. Make sure to test your system monthly once it is set up.

Once I receive my medical alert device, how do I install it?
The Vital Link Medical Alert system is very easy to install and requires no special skills or tools. Start with the cord plugged into our unit slot that says “line”. Plug the other end of this line-cord into the telephone jack in your wall. If there is a phone already plugged in to that jack, remove that cord and plug it in to the back of our unit in the slot labeled “phone”. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. The system is shipped with complete instructions but should you require assistance during installation, you can call us at 1-800-752-5522 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time and we will walk you through the process.

What is the advantage of having a Vital Link Pendant?
Vital Link Pendant enables the user to call for help when they cannot get to the phone. It opens a two-way voice connection directly to our highest rated EMD certified monitoring center and allows the user to communicate from virtually anywhere inside and around their home.

How will help get to me if my door is locked?
External lockboxes that contain a key to your door can be purchased from Vital Link and can be securely attached near your home. We will give emergency personnel the combination to the lockbox while in route to your home. Friends and family members can also use the combination to readily enter your home when an emergency arises.

I want Vital Link for my mom and dad who live together. Do I have to pay two monitoring fees?
There are no additional monitoring fees to have two people in the same home monitored. You will however need an additional pendant or wristband which is a one-time fee of $40.00.

Does the system work anywhere in the United States?
Yes! The medical alert system can be taken to another location if you move. Simply unplug the power and telephone cords and re-install the device in your new home. You must remember to notify Vital Link so that we can update your current location and information. This notification is essential to providing you complete protection.

How can I change the information I gave Vital Link (ie: phone numbers, lock box location, etc)?
Simply call us at 1-800-752-5522 and give us any changes/updates for your account.

Is there an activation, set-up, hook-up or installation fee?
When shipping a unit for self-installation, we require three months of monthly monitoring, but if you should cancel before three months, we will refund the difference. When we ship a unit there is no activation or set-up fee. If we are installing the unit for you, there is a $50 installation fee and the first month’s payment is due at the time of installation.

What are the minimum system requirements?
There are no minimum requirements.

Do you have a cancellation policy?
Cancellation of service can be made anytime. Vital Link Service has no cancellation fees. Once we receive the equipment in the office, we will discontinue your service.

How do I return my Vital Link when I no longer require it?
If you decide you do not need the service anymore, simply contact the Vital Link office at 1-800-752-5522 to cancel it. We will send you a pre-paid return label for you to send the equipment back to us.
Please mail it to:
Vital Link Medical Alert System
6529 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

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Monitoring Questions

Tell me about your Emergency Response Center

What kind of training do Vital Link operators receive?
We adequately staff our monitoring centers with Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) certified dispatchers. All Medical Alert operators can provide instruction for life support actions including how to perform CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, control bleeding, open an airway, or deliver a baby.

What type of information does your emergency medical dispatcher have access to?
Our dispatchers only have access to the information you provide, such as your address, your contact list and hidden key/lock box information. This information enables the Vital Link dispatchers to contact the appropriate people and agencies and give them pertinent information in response to your emergency.

Are calls for help answered by live operators?
Yes, your call for help will always be answered by a live operator. Our emergency medical dispatchers can provide life support that can help someone provide CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, control bleeding, open an airway, or deliver a baby. We staff our monitoring centers with bilingual (English and Spanish) certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers. We provide nationwide 24/7 monitoring services. Call us anytime at 1-888-338-4825. We also are able to get a translator for those speaking other languages.

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Service and Equipment Questions

Is there a lot of equipment involved?
A Vital Link unit is a very simple system that consists of your help button and emergency console.

What happens if I press the pendant but cannot respond? Will you still send help?
If we cannot communicate with you through the medical alert console, the emergency medical dispatcher will immediately dispatch emergency services and begin calling your emergency contacts (friends, family, neighbor etc.) consistent with your Emergency Care Plan.

Does the pendant work when I am away from my home? What about from my mailbox or backyard?
The range of the pendant varies depending upon location of the console and the size of your home. In most cases, you should be able to activate the emergency pendant from any room in your home with the range roughly being 500 feet from the console. However, the two-way voice communication is restricted to about 40 feet from the base station. Whenever the emergency button is pressed and the operator can’t establish voice communication with the caller the Emergency Care Plan is enacted.

What if I am in a different room from the alarm console and you can’t hear me?
Whenever the Emergency Button is pressed and the operator can’t establish voice communication with the caller the Emergency Care Plan is activated. We dispatch the appropriate help and begin calling your contact list.

Will the unit work if I lose electrical power in my home?
Yes, should a power outage occur, the medical alert system has a back-up battery that will operate the unit for up to 32 hours. The unit will also send a “low battery” signal to our monitoring center warning us that your unit is running on the battery. We will then call to advise you of the low-battery and if necessary we will replace the battery for you.

What kind of battery life does the Vital Link Pendant have?
The Vital Link pendants utilize long life lithium batteries that will typically last up to 5 years under normal operation.

Is my pendant water-resistant?
Yes, many of our Vital Link Pendants are water-resistant and may be worn in accident-prone areas such as the bath or shower. It is not designed to be submerged or exposed to water for a prolonged period of time such as in a swimming pool or hot tub. We will advise you of any system that is not waterproof.

Should the machine stop working, how do I get it fixed and is there a cost?
Vital Link will service and repair any of our units at no extra cost. Our medical alarm equipment has a Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Do I have to do anything special if I have DSL internet service in my home?
If you use DSL, let our office staff know so we can make sure your system is compatible. We may provide you with a DSL filter at no additional cost.

What kind of warranty do you have on your equipment?
Vital Link Service offers a FREE Lifetime Warranty. The medical monitoring system comes with a warranty on parts, labor and service.

What procedures are used to test the Vital Link system?
It is recommended that our clients test their Vital Link system at least once a month. To test your unit simply press your pendant and wait for one of our operators to answer. Once connection is made tell the operator you are “ok” and just “testing” your unit. There is no fee for testing and you may test your unit as often as you would like.

What if I lose or break my equipment?
The medical monitoring system comes with a Lifetime Warranty on parts, labor and service. Call our office at 1-800-752-5522 right away so that a new system can be sent to you so as to not go without coverage. Charges may applied for replacement of parts as needed.

Will the Vital Link System affect my telephone service?
The Vital Link System has no effect on your phone service. It only uses the phone line to dial when there is an emergency. These calls are toll-free so you will not be charged.

I have a rotary phone line. Will the system work?
Our system will work with either a rotary/pulse or tone telephone line. Our systems ship with a tone setting. Simply tell our office when you order your system that you use a rotary/pulse phone so that your system can be configured for you.

Can I speak with you through my pendant or wristband?
Our traditional transmitters are designed to be worn at all times including the time you take a shower or bath; Because of this they must be waterproof and cannot provide the two way voice capabilities. This is why our alarm console is specifically designed to provide the maximum voice range in your home. If you wish to install a unit that contains a two-way voice pendant, please call the office so our technicians can assist you.

What if I am on the phone when I need to use my pendant?
If you are on the phone connected to the unit, the medical monitoring system will disconnect your call and send the emergency signal to our monitoring station. If another phone in your house is in use, or possibly off the hook, then the console will attempt to communicate with the monitoring station but will not disconnect the call elsewhere in the house.

How large is the pendant? How can I wear it?
The pendant is a little bigger than a quarter and weighs about an ounce. It can be worn as a necklace or on the wrist. We also have options available for those clients who are unable to press a button.

What if I press the button by mistake?
If the button was pressed by mistake simply tell the operator that it was a mistake and that you are fine!

If something were to go wrong with my alarm how would I get it fixed?
Just give us a call at 1-800-752-5522. If we are not able to resolve the issue over the phone we will send either a technician or a replacement unit out at no charge.

How do I adjust the speaker volume?
If you have a hard time hearing our operators, simply ask them to turn up your unit volume.

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Billing Questions

What is the cost to get the system?
Vital Link is priced for people on fixed incomes. There is no cost for the equipment and we provide free battery replacement for the lifetime of the system. If you are located in the Bay Area we will come to your home to set up the system for you. The installation fee is 50$, there is no set-up cost associated with self-installation. There’s no long term agreement so if you should cancel we would refund you any remaining balance owed back. There is a discount if you pay quarterly or annually instead of monthly.

What if I paid on an annual or a quarterly basis and cancel the service before the term expires? How much of a refund will I receive?
You are only responsible for payments for the months you have had the unit. Vital Link will refund you the balance for the unused months when the system is returned to our office.

Is the monitoring service the only cost?
The system equipment, consisting of a single console and pendant, are provided with your monitoring plan and must be returned in order to cancel service. If we do not receive our equipment back replacement fees are subsequently charged before your account is closed.

Is there a penalty for early cancellation?
Our agreement is month-to-month. There are no cancellation fees and you can cancel at any time.

I’d like to pay for the service for my parents, is that possible?
Vital Link Service can set up payment however you’d like. You can either let us know when ordering the service or any time after service is set up. We are able to bill anybody you’d like. Vital Link is a great gift that offers increased independence and peace of mind.

Is your service covered by Insurance?
The service is usually not covered by insurance, however it is important that you check with your insurance provider to see if they will cover your medical alarm. Some do cover the expense. If you have a claim or prescription, your medical alarm payments may be reimbursed to you by your provider. We can provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

What are my billing options?
You can choose to pay Vital Link monthly, quarterly, or annually. Vital Link accepts Visa, MasterCard, checks, or direct debits from your checking account.

What if I don’t need the Vital Link System anymore?
If you decide you do not need the service anymore, simply contact the Vital Link office at 1-800-752-5522 to cancel it. We will either schedule a time to have an installer pick up the system or we will send you a pre-paid return label for you to send the equipment back to us.

Please mail all equipment and paperwork to:
Vital Link Medical Alert System
6529 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

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