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Emergency Medical Alert Systems

Watching a parent, family member or friend grow older can be a difficult process. In many cases, adult children have to keep regular tabs on their parents, ensuring that they remain healthy and safe. This can be somewhat harrowing, leading some individuals to give up their independence and move into a retirement or nursing home. Nevertheless, there is a way to keep older adults safe, yet allow them to continue enjoying their independent living.

Emergency medical alert systems are discreet devices that allow older adults to continue living independent lives while knowing help is only a button away. At Vital Link, our Two Way Voice Units simply connect to an existing phone line and provide an immediate connection to our 24-hour emergency dispatchers. In the case of an emergency, the user simply presses a button on the unit to activate the service.

Obviously, in certain cases–such as a fall–it may not be possible to reach the unit. To that end, our emergency medical alert systems also come with a portable transmitter that can conveniently be worn around the neck or wrist. These transmitters come with a button that can activate the unit even if the wearer is in a different room or out in the backyard. In fact, these transmitters are even waterproof and can work in the shower if needed.

Once our emergency medical alert systems are activated, the emergency dispatchers will communicate with the individual in need, assessing what should be done. If there is no answer on the other end–such as in the case of a fall–the dispatcher will immediately contact a family member, neighbor or the appropriate emergency services. Most importantly, as effective as our system is, it was designed to be as discreet as possible–thus maintaining an individual’s sense of independent living.

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