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Why Medical Alerts System for Seniors with Fall Detection Are the Best

Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

Falling is hard on anyone. However, when it comes to your loved ones with limited mobility – a fall can spell disaster. Investing in a medical alert system with fall detection can help ensure your loved one enjoys their independence longer while you get a little peace of mind. Want to know more about how medical alert systems with fall detection work? Read below!

Medical Alert Systems with Fall Detection

A medical alert system is a monitoring device that notifies emergency responders with the touch of a button. More advanced units have become available as technology has advanced. Vital Link now offers medical alert systems that connect to your home landline as well as a cellular device. With our more advanced units, your medical alert system can also provide mobile GPS and fall detection services. Fall detection units are lightweight motion sensors, worn as a pendant around your loved one’s neck, that detect falls and issue a call to help automatically. Fall detection services can work with either a traditional landline or an in-home cellular one.

Why Fall Detection Is Important

Fall detection services are important. If your loved one falls and is rendered unable to move or perhaps even unconscious – this can result in serious long-term or potentially fatal issues. (According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of all accidental deaths in the elderly stem from falls!) In fact, statistics show that one in five senior falls results in hospitalization. By immediately alerting emergency responders, a medical alert with fall detection can be the difference between life and death. When injuries have occurred, the faster your loved one gets help, the more likely they will survivor and recover from the fall. Furthermore, studies have also shown that seniors who are permitted and encouraged to remain physically active are likely to remain healthier longer. Falls that debilitate seniors, or systems that limit independence and activeness, can lead to functional declines.

Vital Link for Loved Ones

If you are looking for the best medical alert system with fall detection in Oakland, CA, contact Vital Link today! Whether you are worried about a senior or another individual in your life with limited mobility, Vital Link has a medical alert system that can keep your loved one safe while still allowing them the independence everyone craves. Give yourself a little peace of mind – contact Vital Link today for more information on how we can help.


The safest and most secure way to hide your door key to allow unforced entry in case of an emergency is a lockbox. Our lockbox can be hung on pipes, metal gates, or even a door handle and will ensure Emergency Services can get to you quickly and easily without breaking a door. These boxes open easily using a combination you choose and set yourself. You can change your combination as often as you wish for added security. When you change it, we need to be notified of the new combination for your own safety. Our monitoring center will keep the information on file and will only give the combination to emergency personnel when they require it for unforced entry. You can also specify if you would like us to give the information to your responders but that is not part of protocol unless specifically requested by the client.

Automated Medication Dispenser

medicine dispenser

The medication dispenser is a great way for caregivers and family members to assist clients that need a reminder to take their medication. With 28 slots, the machine can be filled up weekly or even monthly as needed. The medication is placed into the refillable plastic cassette and locked so that only the person refilling the medication is able to change the times and pills. Setting the prescription times is very easy and similar to setting an alarm clock. Once the system is set up, an alarm will signal and a buzzer will sound when it is time for the client to take the medication. When the slot pops open, if the medication is not removed from the drawer within a programmed time, the buzzer will continue to go off until the medication is taken and slot is closed.

Cord Link

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know you could get help even if you couldn’t reach your pull cord?

The Pull-Cord

People who live in retirement communities often rely on pull-cords to get help in an emergency. If you have a pull-cord, then you know that sometimes you may have an emergency and not be able to reach the cord to call for assistance. You could wait for many hours before help has arrived. Perhaps it has happened to someone you know. The cord mate help button acts as a remote control to pull the cord for you when you are unable to reach it. This could save your life in an emergency!

How Cord-Mate Works

Cord-Mate comes with a help button on a necklace. The other part called the activator is connected to the pull-cord. When the Help Button is pressed, it sends a radio signal through the air and walls to the Activator. This tells the Activator to pull the cord for you. The lightweight Help Button can also be worn on your wrist. It is waterproof and can be used when showering.

Belle GPS UnitSystem

The GPS device is a two-way mobile voice unit that uses a cellular network for location service. When activated, the device pinpoints the subscriber’s location using satellites. The operator is then able to communicate with the client over the speaker on the device and dispatch family, friends, or emergency personnel as specified. With GPS tracking, our monitoring center is able to pinpoint the clients’ location and send help quickly. Whether at home or at the grocery store, this mobile device allows clients to easily press a button and receive assistance on the go.


  • Mobile, at home and away from home, emergency response coverage
  • Direct voice contact with medically trained emergency response operators who will know who you are and where you are, even when you are away from home
  • We dispatch the closest available emergency responders to your location
  • Uses AT&T cellular voice and data network nationwide that works in over 97% of the inhabited areas of the United States
  • GPS satellite tracking technology
  • Online location mapping
  • No equipment to buy

The first and only complete medical alert system that works in the home and does not require a landline phone to give you mobile coverage anywhere you go.

Fall Detecting Pendant

Falling is one of the biggest threats for our elderly population. Falls may lead to declining motor functions and poor health and they often relate to significant morbidity. How to manage the risk of falling, and how to detect actual incidents, are important issues for medical care professionals as well as for the people they serve. A simple fall may cause devastating consequences. The Fall Sensor can help you obtain immediate help without a lengthy delay.

This lightweight pendant has the ability to detect a change in motion to allow the unit to send a signal to our monitoring center without being pressed. A great alternative as a way help for those who lose consciousness or forget to press their pendant to get. The Fall Sensor is designed to detect a fall and offers a comprehensive way to manage your risk of falling 24 hours a day. If there is no sudden movement or tilt from horizontal to vertical within 10 seconds of a fall detection alarm, an ‘unconsciousness’ alarm will be raised, allowing the most appropriate action to be taken. In addition, help can be summoned by pressing the pendant’s button. If a fall is detected, a call is automatically dialed to our central monitoring center to open two-way communication to ensure the client’s problem is handled properly and in a timely fashion.


  • Low Battery Detection
  • Lightweight
  • Smallest and most delicate fall detector on the market
  • No Equipment to buy

Home and Yard Unit

Whether you have a multi-story home or spend time gardening in the yard, our home and yard unit gives added independence. The two-way voice through the speaker on the pendant allows individuals to speak directly through the pendant giving extra coverage on larger properties.


  • Additional coverage for large properties and homes
  • Ability to speak through the pendant
  • Backup rechargeable battery
  • No equipment to buy

The Vital Link System

Our 2-way voice medical alarm system consists of two basic components, the medical alarm console and the medical alarm pendant.

The Vital Link System does not require any special connection to your existing phone line. When activated, the console will take control of the telephone line and dial the pre-programmed number to our monitoring center and connect you with our caring EMD-certified operators

Once connected, the console utilizes the built-in speaker and microphone which allows the user to have a two-way voice communication with our emergency operators without being near the telephone. Each Vital Link System has an alarm, visual and audible, to notify you of the system’s operation. It also comes with a backup battery that will power the unit when electricity is lost.

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