Nellie Takeda (Alameda, CA)

Hi Art. We want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the dedicated care and attention you have given mom these last few years. Vital-Link Emergency Response System has given mom and us the peace of mind we needed to assure us that mom can continue to live independently and in doing so, maintain that ever so important dignity as she ages. Thank you, thank you, thank you. – The Takeda Family

Yvonne Skyrus (Walnut Creek, CA)

I have never regretted having Vital-Link Medical Alert System. It is in reach of my bed so I feel secure I can get help if I need it. It is also a security to check in and find all is in working order-even though I miss a monthly test once or twice through the years! The people who answer are always cheerful and give the report how the Medical Alarm is working. This is really Vital to hear. My thanks to all who make this service available.

Hazel Jacob (Oakland, CA)

Congratulations on your 23rd year. I have been with you for going on 3 years and I feel so secure knowing you are there. I have used the service twice as I am 98 and totter on my feet as I fall and no way can I get up—so I press the button and someone comes and all is ok again. Thank you for all you are. I have had good feelings for your group since day one when you came and set me up. Have another good, successful quarter century.

Home and Yard Unit

Whether you have a multi-story home or spend time gardening in the yard, our home and yard unit gives added independence. The two-way voice through the speaker on the pendant allows individuals to speak directly through the pendant giving extra coverage on larger properties.


  • Additional coverage for large properties and homes
  • Ability to speak through the pendant
  • Backup rechargeable battery
  • No equipment to buy

The Vital Link System

Our 2-way voice medical alarm system consists of two basic components, the medical alarm console and the medical alarm pendant.

The Vital Link System does not require any special connection to your existing phone line. When activated, the console will take control of the telephone line and dial the pre-programmed number to our monitoring center and connect you with our caring EMD-certified operators

Once connected, the console utilizes the built-in speaker and microphone which allows the user to have a two-way voice communication with our emergency operators without being near the telephone. Each Vital Link System has an alarm, visual and audible, to notify you of the system’s operation. It also comes with a backup battery that will power the unit when electricity is lost.

Strobe light

In the event a client is hard of hearing and needs additional confirmation when a signal is sent to our console, we can provide a strobe light. This light will blink when a signal is sent to and received by our monitoring unit allowing the client with visual confirmation for peace of mind.

Please call to order: 1-800-752-5522

Sip and Puff

For clients who need additional assistance with motor skills, we have a sip and puff available. The pendant and tube clip on and with a simple puff into or sip from the tube mouth piece, this specialized device will send a signal through the unit to our monitoring center.

Please call to order: 1-800-752-5522