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About Us


Established 1981
Founder and CEO: Arthur Hoffman


As a leader in the Medical Alert Systems industry, Vital Link is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for seniors and the disabled. Our purpose is to help our clients live securely while maintaining their independence and peace of mind. The Vital Link team of professionals strives to make sure everyone we do business with is treated like family.

Our company ideology:

We are dedicated to helping our community and supporting senior causes. Our CEO, Art Hoffman, is President Emeritus of the Board of Directors of Meals on Wheels of Alameda County. Understanding the needs of homebound seniors has been crucial to Vital Link’s success helping our clients. Not only do we provide products and services that mitigate risks from falling, Vital Link has been extremely involved in fall-prevention education throughout the community. For those over the age of 65, falls are one of the most common reasons that individuals lose their independence. When someone falls, the quicker they receive help, the more likely it is that they will recover from any injuries.

Each year, Vital Link spends more money supporting senior causes than we do on marketing, and we try to make our services as affordable as possible for those in need.

Vital Link proudly supports: