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Fall Prevention | What if There is a Fall and There’s No One Around to Help?

Whether you’re a caretaker, loved one or a friend of someone who is a senior or disabled, the thought of them sustaining an injury due to falling can be quite stressful. If you’re concerned about your loved ones risk of falling—especially when they’re on their own—you’re not alone. Learn what steps you should take for fall prevention.

Contingency Plans Are a Must for Fall Prevention

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that your client, friend or loved one will never fall. The world is full of proverbial banana peels. Therefore, it’s necessary to be prepared for a fall and have a contingency plan in place. One way to prepare for the possibility of falling is to have an easily accessible way to call for help. Because falls often occur in areas of a home that don’t offer immediate access to a phone—like bathrooms or staircases—it’s a good idea to install an alert system. Having a fall detection system in place could save someone from feeling stranded after they’ve taken a fall.

In addition to installing an medical alert system, it’s a good idea to teach your client, friend or loved one how to fall to avoid injury. If they feel that they’ve lost their balance and are about to take a fall, they should keep their elbows bent, have some give in their arms, protect their head, and try to land on their muscles, not their bones.  Additional measures should be taken after a fall:

  • Remain Still: Depending on the severity of the fall, they may be swelling or bleeding in certain areas, and it’s crucial that they remain still to prevent making matters worse.
  • Self Awareness: They should note where the impact was, where they can feel swelling, and any other additional information that will help EMTs or ER nurses.
  • Identify the Cause: Did they simply slip, or did they fall due to a misplaced or unnecessary object in their home? When they can pinpoint the cause of the fall, it gives you insight into areas of the home that may still be unsafe.

If you know someone who is at risk of falling and does not have a medical alert or fall detection system in their home, see about outfitting them with one of Vital Link’s alert system and help buttons. Our products provide peace of mind and enables individuals to access help 24/7. View our service and product offerings today.

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